Residency Handbook

Benefits, Terms, and Conditions (Resident Handbook)

Resident Orientation

All incoming residents/fellows are expected to attend Orientation/Registration scheduled the third week in June. The three-day orientation includes many important sessions about policies, communication and teaching skills, cost containment, quality assurance,  infection control, physician impairment, risk management, medical documentation, electronic medical records, and benefits. All residents/fellows must complete the registration process on day three in order to begin their education in hospital rotations on July 1.


Stipends for residents are competitive with other state schools in the southern region.

PGY 2021-2022 Stipends
1 $54,042
2 $55,612
3 $57,530
4 $59,658
5 $62,098
6 $64,820
7 $67,103

Resident Resources