Orthopaedic Research Laboratory

  • The department has a dedicated orthopaedic research laboratory area adjacent to the department offices.  This facility contains:
    • The UAMS Biomechanics Laboratory houses a new MTS Bionix Spine Kinematics System; a mechanical testing platform designed specifically for evaluating the behavior of spine specimens.
    • The UAMS Bone Histology Core Laboratory provides bone histology services for multiple clinical and basic science departments across the medical campus.
    • The UAMS Micro CT Core Laboratory operates multiple scanners that are used by multiple UAMS laboratories involved in bone research. ScancoBruker SkyScan

Orthopaedic Gait Laboratory

  • The department has access to a fully-equipped and staffed gait laboratory that can perform stride analysis, force plate measurement, balance assessments, EMG testing, and other gait-related experiments. Gait Lab

Arkansas Children’s Research Institute (ACRI)

  • Less than 2 miles from our campus,  ACRI houses a world-class animal surgery center that is available for orthopaedic-related in vivo surgical research.