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Meet the Residency Class of 2025


Joshua Acebo

Joshua Acebo, M.D.

Hometown:  Houston, Texas
Medical School: University of Texas - Galveston
Undergraduate: Texas A & M
Why did you choose UAMS Orthopedics?  One of the biggest attractions at UAMS orthopaedic program was how close and friendly all the residents and faculty members are with each other. Everyone loves teaching and are very approachable. It allows for a safe and fun environment in which one could learn about orthopaedics.

jared bishop

Jared Bishop, M.D.

Hometown:  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Medical School: University of Oklahoma
Undergraduate: Oklahoma State University
Why did you choose UAMS Orthopedics? I actually rotated at UAMS last fall, and what I found is a program that had incredible camaraderie within the residents and faculty. I wanted to be at a program that would not only help me become a well-trained orthopedic surgeon but also one that I would truly enjoy for 5 years. I knew that I would find that at UAMS.

john cale

John Cale, M.D.

Hometown:  Fayetteville, Arkansas
Medical School: UAMS
Undergraduate: University of Arkansas
Why did you choose UAMS Orthopedics? As a home student, I got to see firsthand how we have high quality training at UAMS. UAMS has leaders in every field of orthopaedic practice, a growing research presence, with great people and resources to help you reach your academic, professional, and personal goals during residency.

Scott Cole

Scott Cole, M.D.

Hometown:  Hot Springs, Arkansas
Medical School: UAMS
Undergraduate: University of Arkansas
Why did you choose UAMS Orthopedics? There were several reasons I chose UAMS for my orthopaedic surgery residency. One of the biggest draws to the UAMS program was the relationship between the residents and attending physicians. It's easy to see that the attendings make an effort to establish friendships with the residents both inside and outside the hospital. Additionally, residents get to rotate through all of the orthopaedic subspecialties right here in Little Rock and operate extensively at UAMS, Arkansas Children's Hospital, and the VA medical center. The combination of resident operative experience, education, and culture here at UAMS made it my top choice.

Alexandria Smith

Alexandria Smith, M.D.

Hometown: Flower Mound, Texas
Medical School: University of Texas Medical Branch School of Medicine
Undergraduate: University of Alabama