September 19, 2019

Do You Have a New Baby?

You may have the opportunity to help researchers at UAMS learn more about posture control in infants.

baby posture

Researchers in the UAMS Department of Orthopaedic Surgery are conducting a study to learn more about postural control in young infants. The sequence of motor skills that infants learn in the first year is well known, however what is less well understood is how and why these motor skills appear and change as they do.

Are you interested in participating with your infant?

Criteria for participation:

  • A single 60-minute session will be required—You will be with your baby the entire session!
  • Infants must be between one and eleven months old.
  • Willingness to come to the UAMS Human Motion Laboratory at the HipKnee Arkansas Foundation, located at 1701 Aldersgate Rd, Little Rock, AR 72205.

Benefits to participants:

  • Modest compensation will be provided to thank participants for their time and efforts.
  • Taking part in the advancement of our understanding of infant posture control.

Erin Mannen

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Erin Mannen
Assistant Professor
Director of UAMS Orthopaedic Research